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Mercedes Benz and BMW Check Engine Light in Palm Coast, FL

Schedule a diagnostic so Autohaus of Palm Coast can assess your Mercedes Benz and BMW check engine light in Palm Coast, FL. Your engine light is one of the signs that something may be wrong with your vehicle. Our Master Certified team will inspect and determine your vehicle’s precise issue and make the professional repairs needed to restore your Mercedes Benz and BMW. So come by for your FREE scan for your check engine light.

V6 engine

When Should I Bring My Mercedes Benz and BMW In?

Your check engine light’s actions and behavioral patterns can help you find out what problem your Mercedes Benz and BMW is having. Bring your Mercedes Benz and BMW in for a complete diagnostic test immediately if:

  • Your check engine comes on at specific times or in particular circumstances.
  • The light comes on and stays on constantly while operating your vehicle.
  • The light is on, and there’s an obvious issue with your vehicle.
  • The light constantly blinks, indicating a severe and potentially harmful issue.

Why Is My Mercedes Benz and BMW Check Engine Light On?

Seeing your check engine light switch on, especially after the first time, may alarm you. The check engine light turns on for many reasons ranging from minor to severe. Our factory-trained professionals will determine the cause and schedule a service to fix it. Here are a few common reasons why check engine lights turn on:

Plugged-Up Catalytic Converter

A vehicle's catalytic converter is prone to clogging, especially if the vehicle has high mileage. Catalytic converters eliminate carbon monoxide through your emission system. A plugged or malfunctioning converter can harm your vehicle's fuel usage and performance.

Faulty Spark Plugs or Wiring

Spark plugs need to be replaced eventually. Your spark plugs ignite your vehicle's air and fuel mixture and fire up its engine so it runs. A failing spark plug, or spark plug wiring, may lead to engine misfires. Spark plug failure negatively affects fuel economy and can prevent your vehicle from starting.

Loose or Missing Gas Cap

A common reason why check engine lights switch on is a missing, loose or damaged gas cap. Your gas cap is a small yet vital component of your vehicle's functionality and safety. If it's loose or missing, your vehicle could lose fuel pressure and waste your fuel economy.

Failing Oxygen Sensor

Your oxygen sensor alerts you with vital information about your vehicle's air-fuel mixture, letting you know when to fill up with gas. Oxygen sensors have constant contact with exhaust gas that wears them out over time. A malfunctioning sensor may fail to display accurate fuel levels.

Weakening Air Flow Sensor

A mass air flow sensor gauges air levels within your engine to help regulate the air-to-fuel mixture. Dirty air or air filled with debris can inhibit your airflow sensor's function and cause it to fail completely. Air sensor failure can lead to engine misfiring, low fuel economy and poor vehicle performance.

Bring Your Mercedes Benz and BMW in for Inspection

Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Mercedes Benz and BMW’s check engine light, or make a quick appointment so our team can evaluate your vehicle.

Schedule a Service Today!